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About Ellen

eerstescherpefotoAlong with her father, Ellen already made her first sharp and bright picture at the age of 4. From that moment on she was totally fascinated by capturing moments and making memories. At the age of 8, she got her first camera for her birthday and spend all her pocket money on films and developing. That excitement never faded. A passion became a profession.

Nowadays Ellen has her own photo studio in the heart of Breda where she develops and hones her unique style. Her work is daring, rebellious and sexy. Each piece is unique – no two are ever the same. Clients are treated as individuals and commissioned work perfectly blends the clients wishes with a skilled photographers touch.

She is a regular contributor to industry leading magazines and she photographs professionally around the world.


Curriculum Vitae 


1999: Atheneum, College De Heemlanden, Houten
2000: Makeup Art,  Studio Rosenberg, Utrecht

2000: Stylistic Fashion Design, Studio Rosenberg, Utrecht
2003: Photonics, Technical College Ede, Ede
2007: Photography, Art Academy St. Joost, Breda


1999: Internship as makeup artist, stylist and photographer at Studio Rosenberg, Utrecht
2001: Internship as PA of photographer Patricia Steur, Amsterdam
2002: Photographer for War Child in Kosova
2003: Internship for WUMN as photographer and image editor
2005: (-present) Various freelance work, like advertising and magazines
2006: Providing photography workshops to homeless teenagers, at the Omloop, Breda
2006: Photography- and filmworkshops at primary and secondary schools
2006: Compilation of school newspapers, at primary school and Colleges
2007: Providing makeup art workshops at secondary schools
2007: Photographer and board member of the Wees de Foto team
2007: Commissioned by Wees de Foto, photographed an orphanage in Sierra Leone
2009: Commissioned by Wees de Foto, photographed an orphanage in Rwanda
2009: Commissioned by Wees de Foto, photographed an orphanage in Belarus
2008: My own photostudio, Ellen van Doorn Photography in Tilburg
2009: (-present) My own photostudio, Ellen van Doorn Photography

2002: War Child, the Netherlands/Kosova (newsletters, website, magazines)
2003: Utrechts Nieuwsblad, current name: Algemeen Dagblad (newspaper)
2003: De Laatste Druk, Ode aan de laatste der drukkers (book)
2004: De Rode Lantaarn, news, opinions and background information on prostitution
2005: ZIP (magazine)
2005: Issue Magazine (magazine)
2005: Jetsetters (magazine)
2007: Wees de Foto, photobook of orphans all over the world (book)
2007: Gedreven, Ruud van Nistelrooij and his drive for perfection (book)
2007: 25+, 25 years HIV and AIDS in the Dutch gay scene (book)
2007: Intermobiel Magazine
2009: Eindhoven Business (magazine)
2011: Tattoo Patrol Magazine (magazine)
2014: U! Jij mag ook, Mr. Van Zijl Advocaten
2015: Activa Magazine, NOAB
2015: Happinez Magazine
2015: Het Regent Geluk (book)
2015: VGZ Magazine
2016: Baby in mijn Hoofd (book)
2017: SMAAK (Magazine)
2018: Van Dal Magazine

2005: Te mooi om waar te zijn, Breda Photo
2006: Fruitmotion, Stichting KOP Breda
2006: Harbours of Rotterdam
2007: Living Apart, Living Together, Photomuseum The Hague
2007: Bont gemaakt, VIPS! Rotterdam
2013: Sierra Leone Exhibition, Gallery Beau Coeur Bavel
2014: Sierra Leone, Love Is In Your Hair te Breda
2014: Secret Artwork, De Gruyterfabriek te Den Bosch

2003: Most promising new upcoming photographic talent 2003, Technical College Ede
2006: Photo Price Association of Insurers 2006/2007
2010: Top 10 Best written Blog, Nightwriters Amsterdam
2015: Top 3 photographers for the contest ‘Droomfotograaf Gezocht’, Save the Children

2003: Most promising new upcoming photographic talent 2003, Technical College Ede
2010: Top 3 Best written Blog, Nightwriters Amsterdam